Bio of Miguel A. Gallardo,
Legal Assistant/ITT Specialist/Interpreter/Translator

Miguel A. Gallardo serves the firm as an ITT specialist, legal assistant, and
Spanish/English interpreter and translator.

Spanish-English Interpretation/Translation.
Mr. Gallardo is a certified Court interpreter and translator, in both
Maryland and Virginia.  He translates and interprets for clients, potential
clients and witnesses.  Also researches Spanish-speaking media, as
appropriate, for information relevant to cases and issue handled by the
firm.  Mr. Gallardo is a native of Panama, but attended American schools
in the "Canal Zone" and grew up in near U.S. military various bases in
various parts of the United States, including, most notably, New York.

Law Enforcement Expertise.  Mr. Gallardo has more than 20 years of experience as a federal
security officer and 5 years of experience as federal investigator.  Mr. Gallardo has provided additional
expertise in the firm's consulting services for police departments, as well as insight with respect
workplace violence cases.  Mr. Gallardo's expertise was an integral part of the firm's success in
v. Security, USA, where the defendant was a private security company contracting with the federal
government to protect federal buildings.  Security USA was held liable for $2.25 million for a
supervisor's facilitation of sexual harassment and workplace violence against an employee by a
non-employee, her ex-boyfriend, against whom she had a restraining order.  Mr. Gallardo brought the
Gantt case to the firm.  For a discussion of Gantt, see GanttvSecurityUSA,  GanttDailyRecord and

Research and Support.  Mr. Gallardo conducts legal and internet research, screens potential clients,
attends and assists during Court appearances, depositions and client and witness interviews.  He
maintains files, organizes and prepares exhibits, provides technical management of computer and
internet matters, and provides other support, as needed.

Education.  Mr. Gallardo has a Bachelor of Science Degree, in criminal Justice, from Columbia
Southern University.  He also attended Catholic University in Washington, D.C., majoring in social
work, with a concentration in criminal justice.  
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Bio of Miguel Angel Gallardo