Discrimination on the basis of sex, or gender, including sexual harassment on the basis of gender, is
prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. Section 2000(e),
et seq.  See
www.eeoc.gov/types/sex.html and www.eeoc.gov/types/sexual_harassment.html.

Ms. Martin is a member of
The National Crime Victims Bar Association, an organization that seeks civil
remedies for victims of violent crimes and deterrents to future violence.  The law firm has specific
expertise in workplace violence and sexual harassment cases.

The law firm has litigated two precedent-setting workplace violence/sexual harassment cases which have
been discussed in legal treatises, case annotations to statutes, law review articles, feature newspaper
articles and/or radio talk shows.  These cases include
Gantt v. Security USA, Inc., 56 F.3d 547 (4th Cir.
2004), cert denied, 543 U.S. ___ (2004) and Martin v. Howard University, 1999 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 19516,
81 FEP Cases 964 (BNA), 15 IER Cases 1587 (D.D.C. 1999), now on appeal before
the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, No  06-7157.  See

Gantt v. Security USA.The plaintiff, Dominique Gantt, was kidnapped from her
workplace by her ex-boyfriend, in a chokehold, with a shotgun against her chin.  
He held her captive for six hours, through three states, raped her and repeatedly
threatened to kill her.  Her supervisor, a friend of the ex-boyfriend, had forwarded
calls to Gantt in her workplace, in violation of a protective order, and forced Ms.
Gantt to assume and outside post where he could get to her.  Because the supervisor
intentionally caused Ms. Gantt severe emotional distress by making her accessible to
her harasser/attacker, under the authority granted to her by Security USA, a jury
awarded Ms.Gantt $2.25 million dollars in damages.  For further discussion,        
see GanttvSecurityUSA and GanttDailyRecord and National Crime Victim's Bar Association Press Release,
www.ncdsv.org/images/NCVBAApplauds225millionVerdict.pdf.  For specific filings and additional
discussion,  see
Gantt v. Security USA.

Martin v. Howard University and Alice Gresham Bullock.
will set additional precedent with respect to a number of issues, including "gender profiling"  in the
employment discrimination context.  Victims are "profiled" on the basis of their sex when they are targeted
for harassment because they fit a certain "profile" that is dependant upon gender. This may occur when a
harasser targets a woman because she resembles a character in a book or a celebrity.  The harasser may
also target a woman to fulfill a gender specific role, such as "wife," "mother" or "daughter."  The point is
that only women are targeted by the harasser due to his harassment criteria and men are not subjected to
the same type of harassment. (See

The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) will file an
amicus curiae brief (friend of the
court) in support of Ms. Martin no later than October 5, 2007.  NAWL's  motion to participate as
outlines the issues it believes will affect the rights and safety of women at work.  NAWL is the
leading national voluntary organization devoted to the interests of women lawyers and women's rights.  
NAWL has historically served as an educational forum and an active voice for the concerns of women in
the legal profession. The Equal Rights Advocates and the National Crime Victims' Bar Association have
committed to joining NAWL's brief.  Additional organizations are considering joining.  Interested groups
should contact Ms. Martin and/or Roberta Wright, Esquire, counsel for NAWL, at (301) 526-0474 or e-
mail, rywright@msn.com.   Ms. Martin's arguments on appeal are outlined in her September 18, 2007
Appellant Brief.  See also relevant district court decisions.  

Prof. Martin is pictured with some of her      
students at Howard University,
in 1998.  Students circulated petitions and
wrote letters of protest to then Dean Alice
Gresham Bullock when Prof. Martin's
contract was not renewed.

You can hear Ms. Martin tell her story, in her own words, by clicking on to the
tape recordings of her guest appearances on the radio shows of Bernie McCain, on WOL/FM and
Ambrose Lane, on WPFW/FM by clicking onto the icons at

The serial stalker, Leonard Harrison, has stalked African-American female professors across the country,
since the mid-1980s, in search of the embodiment of a fictional character, Geneva Crenshaw, in a book,
And we are not Saved, written by the renowned law professor, Prof. Derrrick Bell.  Harrison has stated
that the fictional character, Prof. Crenshaw, is his "natural wife," and threatened the life of Prof. Bell, at
Harvard University, in 1990, accusing Prof. Bell of concealing the identify of the "real" Prof. Crenshaw
from him.  Universities, law schools and African-American female professors should be alert to
Harrison's profile in case he shows up at their campuses.

See 2007 MartinvHUPressRelease.  For specific filings and additional discussion, see MartinvHowardU.  


Law Offices of  Dawn V.  Martin
Sexual Harassment/Workplace Violence
Photo by Max Franz
Maryland Daily Record
Prof. Martin with her students in 1998