The Law Offices of Dawn V. Martin is dedicated to civil rights, equal opportunity, and obtaining justice
for those who have been wronged.  The firm teams with other firms and private practitioners, as

Dawn V. Martin, Esquire, is the principal of the Law Offices of Dawn V. Martin.
Ms. Martin founded the firm in 2000, after nineteen years of legal experience.
She has more than thirty years of legal experience, all in civil rights,
public service, teaching law and/or policy development.  She has developed
national policy in the areas of Equal Employment Law and has published
authoritative works on this subject.  Ms. Martin has special expertise in the
areas of personal injury, sexual harassment, workplace violence and hiring
policy for police and fire departments to ensure both public safety and
compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Miguel A. Gallardo serves the firm as the firm's technology specialist,
and paralegal, as well as a Spanish/English interpreter and translator.  Mr.    
Gallardo has more than twenty years in law enforcement/investigation/federal
security experience and 5 years experience as a federal investigator.  His
background has been invaluable in workplace violence cases and in
consultant work for police departments.  Mr. Gallardo brought to the firm, and
as instrumental in winning, the case of
Gantt v. Security USA, resulting in a
$2.25 million jury award.                                                    
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