Ms. Martin has authored the following publications, including law review articles, EEOC Policy
Directives and Book Chapters.

"911: How Will Police and Fire Departments Respond to Public Safety Needs and the Americans with
Disabilities Act?" 2 N.Y.U.  J. Leg. & Pol’y  37 (1998-1999)
(dedicated to the memory of Ms. Martin's father, Alfonzo Q. Martin, a New York
City police officer and firefighter)

Symposium on the Americans with Disabilities Act: Introductory Comments,"
8 Cleveland-Marshall Journal of Law and Health, Issues 1-2  (1993-1994)  
(published May 1995)

Sections 13.3(1), "Testers as 'Persons Aggrieved'," 15.4(6) "Tester Discovery &
Evidence," and 19.8 "The Availability of Damages for 'Testers,'"
Discrimination Law and Litigation
, by in Merrick Rossein, Clark-Board Company, LTD (New York)
(1992 Ed.),  (as supplemented in 1994).  

Whether 'Testers' Have Standing to File Charges of Employment Discrimination Against Employers,
Employment Agencies and/or Labor Organizations Which Have Discriminated Against Them Because of
Their Race, Color, Religion, Sex or National Origi
n," EEOC Policy Guidance No. 915-062, November
20, 1990, CCH EEOC Compliance Manual  2168.  See

"Title VII Covers Military Contractor's Employment of Americans Overseas," EEOC Decision 90-1, CCH
EPG  6875.

he Consideration of Arrest Records in Employment Decisions under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
of 1964, as amended, § 2000e et seq. (1982)
," EEOC Policy Guidance No. 915-061, September 7, 1990,
CCH EEOC Compliance Manual  2094.

Stalker in the Workplace: ‘Personal Problem’ or Hostile Work Environment?” (in progress)

Lights, Camera, Discrimination!  ‘Playing’ the Victim Under Title VII” (in progress)
Law Offices of  Dawn V.  Martin, LLC
Alfonzo Q. Martin